Protein bioinformatics course for bench biologists in Cape Town Sep/Oct 2014

Please spread the news of the EMBO Practical Course (Computational analysis of protein-protein interactions: From sequences to networks) taking place in Cape Town in September/October this year. There is not much time before the application deadline (July 23rd 2014), and it’d be great if you could help advertise it.

There is a great list of teachers who will be travelling to Cape Town for the course, including developers of many of the key bioinformatics tools for this kind of work (Scooter Morris for Cytoscape and Chimera, Lars Juhl Jensen for STRING and STITCH, Marco Punta for Pfam, Zsuzsanna Dosztányi for IUPred, Toby Gibson and Holger Dinkel for ELM).

Several HUB and CUB members will be teaching too (Natasha, Gustavo, Aidan, Holger, and Toby) and hopefully we can organise an unseminar one evening as part of the course.

Please share the announcement with any of your wet-lab colleagues for whom you think this could be interesting!