CUB#2: 5 June 2014

CUB #2:  Like I’m Five

What:  Getting to know our community, everyone introduces themselves with background and what they are currently working on.

    18h00 – 20h00 (+-), Thursday 5 June 2014.

Where:   HealthQ @  Map

Bragging rights:  You!  We want to know who you are, what you do, and how you got there. Essentially – an elevator pitch for a lift in a slow, old academic building. It expands the idea of creating a network, where the links between people are more visible based on shared interests and research focus.

Present a 3-5min talk or poster, mime or draw or use props, anything goes.  No pressure of course, if you just want to observe for the evening to gain a better understanding of bioinformatics research around the Cape Town area, that is perfect too.


The second CUB event was a great success and we are extremely thankful to Riaan Conradie and the HealthQ team for their wonderful hospitality. Unfortunately the participant list was overlooked among the snacks and drinks.

Approximately 30 people attended CUB#2, and this included individuals from Stellenbosch University, University of Cape Town as well as the University of the Western Cape.

The session started with a Skype link-up with several people from the Heidelberg Unseminars in Bioinformatics hub.

Adam GristwoodBarbara JanssensMelanie SchneiderIman Meziane and Aidan Budd started off the “Like I’m Five” session with great descriptions of their core involvement in Bioinformatics and the HUB. Aidan then further discussed the history of HUB and the types of events they have organised. In closing, Aidan remarked on the future potential collaborations between HUB and CUB and made several suggestions on possible projects. Both HUB and CUB are to come up with ideas on projects to establish a shortlist to discuss further.

The CUB session was continued and each participant was given the opportunity to describe what they do and how they are linked to bioinformatics. This was an ideal way for all participants to see a snapshot of the bioinformatics research around the Western Cape.

A number of logistical matters were discussed and we decided to add a calendar notification to the cubhub website. Participants were also encouraged to join the CUB LinkedIn page.

It was decided that the next event will take place at the UCT MAC Club, Gustavo and Kenneth will follow-up on this.

CUB#2 ends at 20h11. Networking and socialising continued.


[Photo credit: Armin Deffur]

Who signed up?


Timestamp Name Email Institution / Affiliation Where did you hear about the CUBs??
5/28/2014 13:23:57 Gustavo gsalazar [at] UCT
5/28/2014 13:25:17 Natasha natasha [at] SANBI
5/28/2014 13:43:11 Dane Kennedy dkennedy1 [at] CHPC Natasha Wood
5/28/2014 13:45:17 Gordon Wells gordon.wells [at] University of Stellenbosch
5/28/2014 15:33:28 joelm defo joel_defo [at] university of cape town
5/28/2014 16:26:24 Phillip philliplab [at] SACEMA Gordon Botha
5/28/2014 17:17:30 Brejnev Muhire mubrejnev [at] University of Cape Town
5/28/2014 17:43:29 James jgdominy [at] Natasha Wood
5/29/2014 8:51:21 Wendy wendy.kroger [at] CPGR
5/29/2014 10:34:05 Hano Maree hjmaree [at]
5/29/2014 10:51:50 Anelda anelda.vdwalt [at] UCT Armin Deffur
5/29/2014 10:54:19 Donald Nyangahu donaldnyangahu [at] University of CapeTown From vula site here at UCT
5/29/2014 12:12:21 Ida van Jaarsveld ida.vanjaarsveld [at] CPGR Dane and Wendy
5/29/2014 12:37:19 Anati anati [at] South African National Bioinformatics Institute Internet
5/30/2014 13:13:38 Flavia flacchy [at] UCT FHS microbiome group
5/30/2014 13:27:05 Tracy Meiring tracy.meiring [at] UCT Wendy Kroger CPGR
5/30/2014 14:16:54 martin ranik martin.ranik [at] KAPA Biosystems
5/30/2014 21:08:04 Marike Visser marikev [at] SUN/ARC
6/2/2014 12:33:34 Rachelle Bester rachelle [at] Stellenbosch University
6/3/2014 9:37:07 Britt Drögemöller britt.drogemoller [at] SU
6/4/2014 7:26:04 Liana Maree liana.maree [at] University of the Western Cape Email notification from a colleague
6/4/2014 10:41:40 Kristin 16102142 [at] Stellenbosch University Supervisor
6/4/2014 10:43:08 Auberi Courchay 17379768 [at] Stellenbosch University Hano Maree
6/4/2014 10:48:32 Tracey Jooste 15756262 [at] Stellenbosch University Supervisor
6/4/2014 11:47:16 Galen Wright galen [at] SANBI
6/5/2014 13:10:16 ruben ruben [at] SANBI Colleagues
6/5/2014 13:49:26 Anandi anandie [at] Stellenbosch University From a colleague
6/5/2014 14:10:59 gordon gbot300 [at] UCT Natasha
6/5/2014 16:58:01 mbandi mbandi [at] University of the Western Cape mailing list of SANBI




  1. Thanks for the awesome evening last night everybody :-). It was really great seeing some familiar faces, putting some known names to unknown faces and learning some new names and their faces. See you next time!

  2. Oh, I spy a “Follow” tag in the bottom right-hand corner — perhaps that’s a good way to keep notified of cub hubs? It’s both opt-in and means whoever is organising doesn’t have to replicate their work…

    1. Yeah, the event was quite a success! very happy about it. I’m exploring options for the notification/calendar idea. I’ll definitely have a look to that “follow” button. Usually the notifications of it are related to a new blog-post, i suppose we can always create a post that includes a google calendar link so people can include the date in their calendars.

  3. Cool. I just got notified about your post — but I think it was tagged as a comment reply… So yeah — I think you’re right — it applies to new blog entries.

    1. Did you follow the whole blog or only this comment area? If you followed the blog did you receive the email to confirm subscription? I can’t see your email in the list of registered people.

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